From Heartache to Hope

From Heartache to Hope

Losing a loved one is hard and more so when someone loses their child. It is usually a fun and exciting phase for expectant or new parents, but there are times when this happy journey turns into a nightmare due to pregnancy or infant loss. Each couple has their own unique way to grieve and heal. It is often a lonely process but most parents emerge stronger and channelize their pain towards constructive and positive things.

Many mothers who have gone through pregnancy or infant loss come forward to support other women who have or are going through similar situations. While a few others find solace in art and creativity like painting or pottery. No matter what channel the mother choses to help her through the grief, the underlying fact is to give a vent to the emotions inside.

One of the painful reminders of the loss for the bereaving mother is engorged breasts, which are oozing with elixir for her gone child. It is difficult to work through one’s emotions when one keeps getting reminded of the void. It often proves to be a catharsis for the mother as the donated milk would give a chance at survival to another baby while she turns her heartache into hope. While donating milk after losing a beloved pregnancy or infant may not be right for all, many mothers find meaning and comfort in knowing that their milk can be used to save the life of another child.

The loss of pregnancy/infant is a profound and devastating experience and most mothers would need support during this time. We hear over and over again, that mothers who choose to lactate and donate while grieving find relief and heal faster by making milk for other women’s sick babies. Whether their milk donating journey lasts a few weeks or several months, they feel empowered by their choice to donate their milk.

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