Standardised & Pasteurised human milk

Human milk is revered as the ultimate source of nutrition for all infants, providing a comprehensive and optimal blend of essential nutrients necessary for robust growth and development. It plays a pivotal role in fostering a healthy childhood, supporting both physical and neuro-cognitive advancements in infants.
While this holds true for most newborns, the scenario changes when it comes to premature babies. Premature infants, by nature of their early arrival, have distinct nutritional needs. They demand higher energy and nutrient levels to compensate for the precious time lost within the mother’s womb. Consequently, the breast milk produced by mothers who deliver prematurely is naturally richer in energy, catering to the rapid growth demands of these special infants. However, healthcare providers often grapple with a unique challenge: how to meet the substantial nutritional requirements of premature babies when their little tummies can only hold so much.

NeoLacta PHBM 70 : standardised &
pasteurised human milk

100% human milk-derived products from NeoLacta.

NeoLacta PHBM 70 stands as India’s premier pasteurized donor human milk, setting the standard for calibrated calorie content. It empowers clinicians to deliver precise nutrition akin to the mother’s milk for premature infants. With a minimum caloric density of 70 Kcal/100 ml, this product offers a unique advantage by allowing clinicians to navigate the constraints of feed volume, ensuring infants have the opportunity for optimal growth. Research indicates that a higher energy intake during the early stages of life correlates with improved brain development and a reduced risk of growth restriction, particularly for premature infants.
Our product is exclusively derived from human milk, delivering essential calories, fats, and proteins, alongside the distinctive components of human milk such as Oligosaccharides and Immunoglobulins. In contrast to bovine milk-based alternatives like commercial infant formulas, NeoLacta PHBM 70 remains pure, devoid of added sucrose, preservatives, or synthetic additives, guaranteeing that infants receive nothing less than the goodness of human milk.
NeoLacta PHBM 70 is the solution when a mother’s own milk is unavailable, available in convenient frozen bottles of 15 ml and 50 ml, ensuring that infants receive the best care and nutrition even in challenging circumstances.

Special instructions

  • Always maintain hygienic conditions when preparing and handling human milk.
  • Do not dilute with water.
  • Avoid using a microwave to warm the product.
These guidelines ensure the safe and proper handling of the milk to provide the best nourishment for your baby while maintaining hygiene and safety standards.

Product benefits

NeoLacta PHBM® 70 Is made from 100% Human Milk, and proper storage ensures its quality qnd freshness when you're ready to use it.