NeoLact MMF – Mother’s Milk Fortifier

MMF case series: M01

A 27-week, 800 g EUGR baby achieving optimal growth through human-milk derived fortifier.
By Dr. Rakesh Kotha, Hyderabad
Published: June 2020

MMF case series: M02

Human milk-derived fortifier (MMF) in a preterm baby demonstrating intolerance to bovine milk-based fortifiers (HMF).
By Dr. Anice Joy, Consultant Neonatologist, Kochi
Published: July 9, 2020

MMF case series: M03

Remarkable weight gain of 33.25 grams/day achieved in an ELBW baby through fortification with human milk-derived fortifier (MMF).
By Dr. Sunil Mohan, Consultant Neonatologist, Hyderabad
Published: July 2020

NeoLact 70

Experience sharing series: NeoLact 70

Supplementation with human milk-derived – NeoLact 70 bolsters immuno-nutritional needs in an ELBW baby.
By Dr. Sunil Gavahane
Consultant Neonatologist, Aurangabad
Published: Oct 2020