Pre-qualifying details

You are a healthy nursing mother with an excess supply of breast milk and your baby is less than six months of age, you qualify to become a donor.

General guidelines for milk donation

Qualifying as a donor

  • A lactating woman in good health having enough milk after feeding her own baby satisfactorily and baby is thriving well.
  • Not regularly on medications or herbal supplements (with exception of prenatal vitamins, human insulin, thyroid replacement hormones, nasal sprays, asthma inhalers, topical treatments, eye drops, progestin-only or low dose estrogen birth control products).
  • Willing to undergo blood testing for screening of infections.
  • You are generally healthy.
  • You do not smoke and consume alcohol.

Do not qualify as a donor

  • Positive blood test result for HIV, Hepatitis B or C or syphilis.
  • Herself or has a sexual partner suffering from HBV, HIV, HCV & venereal diseases.
  • You have a family history or increased risk for Creutzfeld-Jakob Disease (Mad Cow disease).
  • Taking radioactive / other drugs / mega doses of vitamins Uses illegal drugs / alcohol / 3 caffeinated drinks / day.
  • Has mastitis/fungal infection of the nipple or areola.
  • Active herpes simplex/varicella zoster infections in the mammary/thoracic region.
NeoLacta through its “SaveBabies SuperMom Program” has been able to help 95,000 plus babies lives who were deprived of their own mothers milk owing to reasons such as sickness, medical contraindications, inadequate lactation, surrogacy/IVF and many more.

Are you considering donating your excess breast milk to newborns who need it? Submit the form to be a part of this unique initiative.