Quality & Safety

Our commitment to quality and safety

We are the first company in India and Asia to have developed the first human milk processing facility. The pasteurization and filling is processed in our state-of-art facility. All equipment are designed & built in Australia by our engineering company.

Our processing facility is an ISO22000 certified plant, which complies with FDA GMP guidelines. Keeping in mind the highest level of food safety, our products are fssai certified.

Neolacta is actively involved in bringing awareness among the health care providers and parents. We support and participate in many programs and events involved in neonatal nutrition.

We are committed to bringing a change in the lives of the most fragile premature babies.


Screening and Production safety process

We have outlined below the 10 Steps that are performed for every batch of human milk, prior to it being released to the market:

All NeoLacta products are processed to comply with the key Global guidelines from,

IAP (Indian Association of Paediatrics, Infant and Young Child Feeding)

AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)

• HMBANA (Human Milk Banking Association of North America)

• Product safety is paramount and hence, each batch goes through 10 stages of rigorous testing.

• Milk is pasteurized using 3-A standards of USA certified equipment that complies with USA-FDA.

• The process of pasteurization complies with IAP, WHO and HMBANA guidelines.