Neolact MMF – Mother’s Milk Fortifier (Sachet)

(Available as 1 gm / 0.5 gm sachet)

India’s first and only human milk fortifier made from 100% human milk.

Premature babies have special nutritional needs. Compared to term babies, premature babies need more energy to grow. Premature babies grow at a rapid pace and therefore need more protein, minerals and other nutrients. They would need to consume more breast milk than their tiny stomach could hold in order to get the proper nutrition. These additional nutrients (usually lacking in mother’s milk) if are not given, may cause growth deficits which are difficult to compensate at later stages of life. Hence, doctors may decide to add a fortifier to your breast milk for your premature infant’s feedings.

Product Description

Neolact MMF (Mother’s Milk Fortifier) is made exclusively from 100% donor milk. It provides essential proteins and calories to meet the unique nutritional requirement of a premature baby and most importantly aids in better growth. Available in sachets of 1 gm and 0.5 gm.


• Helps meet protein requirement.

• Provides multiple benefits unique to human Milk such as,

• Immunoglobins

• Human Milk oligosaccharides

• Lactoferrins

• Offer significant protection against the risk of NEC, Sepsis and other complications of prematurity

• Maltodextrin-free ensures excellent feed tolerance when compared to bovine milk-based HMFs


• Made from 100% human milk.


• Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. Do not refrigerate/ freeze.

Mixing Guidelines

Mix 1 gm sachet with 25 mL mother’s milk; For higher volume feeds use multiples of mixing guidelines.

Mix 0.5 gm sachet with 12.5 mL mother’s milk; For higher volume feeds use multiples of mixing guidelines.

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How to Use & Store

  • Pour the recommended volume of breast milk into a sterile container. Add the entire contents of the sachet into the container. Stir well to ensure powder is completely dissolved before feeding. Make a note of the time of feed preparation. Use the feed within 8 hours of preparation. If excess feed is leftover, keep in NICU temperature (22 to 26 degrees) and use within 8 hours.


  • Do not store either the sachets / mixed feed in the refrigerator



NOTE:  Always mix with mother’s milk as per guidelines before feeding the baby.

Special Instructions

• Always maintain hygienic condition while preparing and handling human milk.

• Do not add water.

• Do not microwave the product.

Proprietary Process Summary:

Human milk is treated such that the critical components like proteins are enriched. In addition to proteins, the process also concentrates vitamins, minerals, antibodies, etc., as present in the human milk. The non-aqueous (cream) fraction of the milk is separated from the aqueous fraction. This product is standardised using cream and other components of human breast milk. No other additives are added. As a final processing step, pasteurisation is performed in compliance with guidelines.

A specific type of lyophilisation concludes the final step of the process.