Neolact MMF – Mother’s Milk Fortifier (Liquid)

India’s first and only human fortifier made from 100% human milk.

Premature babies have special nutritional needs. Compared to term babies, premature babies need more energy to grow. Premature babies grow at a rapid pace they need more protein, minerals and other nutrients. These additional nutrients (usually lacking in mother’s milk) if are not given, may cause growth deficits which are difficult to compensate at later stages of life. A premature baby needs additional energy and protein. They would need to consume more breast milk than their tiny stomach could hold in order to get the proper nutrition. Hence,doctors may decide to add a fortifier to your breast milk for your premature infant’s feedings.

Product Description

Neolact MMF (Mother’s Milk Fortifier) is made exclusively from 100% donor milk. It provides essential proteins and calories to meet the unique nutritional requirement of a premature baby and most importantly aids in better growth. Available in a 15ml frozen bottle as 5 ml milk.


• Helps meet protein requirement.

• Provides multiple benefits unique to human Milk

• Immunoglobins

• Human Milk oligosaccharides

• Lactoferrins

• Offer significant protection against the risk of NEC, sepsis and other comorbidities

• Maltodextrin-free leading to lower osmolality than bovine – based HMF


• Made from 100% human milk.


• Store at -10°C or below until ready to thaw before use.

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How to Use & Store

• Take out the frozen bottle from the freezer (-10°C or below).

• Place the bottle upright in a bowl of lukewarm water until it reaches room temperature. Once thawed, gently swirl the bottle (avoid vigorous shaking) in clockwise/anti-clockwise motion.

• Hold the bottle upright and shake it up/down motion.

• Twist cap in an anti-clockwise direction to open the tamper-proof seal.

• Note the time of opening the bottle.

• Withdraw milk through a sterile syringe/measuring cup and feed the baby using a bottle, paladai, spoon, etc.

• Unused milk in the bottle can be stored in the refrigerator (2°C – 8°C) for up to 24hrs from the time of opening the bottle.

• Do not re-freeze under any circumstance.

NOTE:  Always mix with mother’s milk as per guidelines before feeding the baby.

Special Instructions

• Always maintain hygienic condition while preparing and handling human milk.

• Do not add water.

• Do not microwave the product.

Pasteurization of Neolact MMF

Neolact MMF undergoes the Holder Type Pasteurization at a temperature range of 62.5°C for 30min. This is the recommended method of pasteurizing Human Breast Milk by HMBANA as per a detailed WHO review conducted in 2006 titled “Optimal feeding of low birth weight infants – Technical Review”. It’s very important for the donor milk to be pasteurized at 56–62°C for 30 minutes to destroy micro-organisms including the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 and Cytomegalovirus (CMV) which are excreted in breast milk. It was stated by HMBANA that 300 million ounces of pasteurized donor human milk were distributed between 2000 to 2016 with no records of illness or death.