• Minimum guaranteed energy of 70 Kcals/100 mL.
  • The best source of fat calories to increase the caloric density of human milk diet.
  • Provides calorie-dense nutrition without compromising on feed volumes.
  • Proteins and immunoglobulins from 100% human milk.

Human milk is considered as a complete and optimum source of nutrition for all babies. It provides all the necessary nutrients in the right quantity as required for the healthy growth and development of the baby. It is an essential part of a healthy childhood and it supports both the physical and neuro-cognitive development of the baby.

While this is usually true for all newborns, babies who are born premature have unique nutritional needs. Typically, premature babies need higher energy and nutrition to help them make up for the time lost in the mother’s womb. Accordingly, breast milk of mothers who have delivered prematurely also tend to have higher energy to support the rapid growth requirements. However, the dilemma clinicians face is that premature babies have tiny tummies but their daily nutritive requirements exceed what their tiny tummies can hold.

NeoLacta PHBM 70 Standardised & Pasteurised Human Milk

India’s 1st and only donor human milk with standardised calories helps clinicians provide precise nutrition similar to premature mother’s milk. Moreover, its higher caloric density of minimum 70Kcal/100 ml enables clinicians circumvent feed volume restrictions thereby allowing babies the opportunity of optimal growth. A higher energy intake during early life has been linked to improved brain growth and lower risk of growth restriction, especially for premature infants.

This product is made exclusively from human milk and provides essential calories, fats, and proteins in addition to unique components of human milk such as Oligosaccharides and Immunoglobulins. Unlike bovine milk-based products like commercial infant formulas, NeoLacta PHBM 70 is free from added sucrose, preservatives, or any synthetic additives to ensure the baby receives nothing apart from human milk.
NeoLacta PHBM 70 can be used when mother’s own milk is not available and is available as frozen bottles of 15 ml and 50 ml.

Ingredients: Made from 100% human milk.

Storage: Store at -10˚C or colder until ready to thaw before use.

Usage & Storage Guidelines:

  • Take out the frozen bottle from the freezer (-10°C or below).
  • Keep the bottle upright in a bowl of lukewarm water till it reaches room temperature. Once thawed, gently swirl the bottle (avoid vigorous shaking) in clockwise/anti-clockwise motion. Hold the bottle upright and shake it up/down motion.
  • Twist cap in an anti-clockwise direction to open the tamper-proof seal.
  • Note the time of opening the bottle.
  • Withdraw milk through a sterile syringe/measuring cup and feed the baby using a bottle, paladai, spoon, etc.
  • Unused milk in the bottle can be stored in the refrigerator (2 – 8°C) for up to 24 hours from the time of opening the bottle.
  • Do not re-freeze under any circumstance.

Special Instructions :

  • Always maintain hygienic condition while preparing and handling human milk.
  • Do not add water.
  • Do not microwave the product.