Premature babies have special nutritional needs. Compared to term babies, premature babies need more energy to grow, and because they grow at a rapid pace, they also need more proteins and other nutrients. Because of your premature baby’s additional energy and protein requirements, they would need to consume more breast milk than their tiny stomach could hold
in order to get the proper nutrition. These additional nutrients (often lacking in mother’s own milk) if are not given, may cause growth deficits which are difficult to compensate for, at later stages of life. That’s why doctors may decide to add a fortifier to your breast milk for your premature infant’s feedings.

Neolact MMF is meant to fortify mother’s own milk with vital nutrients critical to the baby’s growth and wellbeing. Neolact MMF is India’s only fortifier which is derived 100% from human milk using Neolacta’s patented technology devised in Australia. When mixed with mother’s own milk, this ensures the baby is on “100% Human Milk diet” which has been clinically proven to have better outcomes and reduced NICU stay.