Frequently Asked Questions

Globally, India has the highest number of preterm babies born ~ 35 Lakh each year. India needs approx. 40 Lakh liters of human milk for these preterms whereas the current supplied by the milk banks only account for 60,000 litres annually ~ 1.5% of the total demand.

When you donate to Neolacta Lifesciences, your milk will undergo the best processing technology available and will be supplied to fragile babies whose very lives may depend on getting donated milk. These are children who have been born up to 16 weeks early and may weigh 500gms at birth. Because these babies are extremely fragile and will not survive without human milk, the donated milk they receive has a large impact on the rest of their lives. 10-15 ml of milk can feed a micro preemie in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for a full day. Screened and pasteurized Milk from Neolacta Lifesciences is usually the only donor milk available to these babies (informal donations are usually not an option in the NICU), and it is often in short supply.

The mothers of these tiny babies are many times ill themselves and lactation is difficult for them, or they start out with a good amount and are so stressed out with the condition of their baby that their milk supply suffers.

We are the first and only Indian Human Milk Facility to be certified with ISO 22000. We process the milk in ISO-7 and ISO-8 clean rooms, which comply with FDA GMP guidelines.

Thus you can be rest assured that your invaluable donations will undergo the best proprietary processing technology before it is supplied to the sick babies.

We have the highest priority for Safety and quality and thereby screen all our applicants before accepting their milk as the recipient of the donor milk are often critically ill and/or premature babies in NICU.