Frequently Asked Questions

Its mandatory to get the blood test done. These are standard screening tests which ensure that the sick babies receiving the milk have access to safe and complete nutrition.

No, you don’t have to pay for this test. We will arrange for blood sample collection and share the results with you.

Not at all. Once the blood test results are shared, you become a qualified donor. You can start donating whenever you’re comfortable. Please bear in mind, that we can collect milk only till your baby reaches 6 months of age.

All of us know that nature has designed mother’s milk to best suit the needs of her baby. But there are circumstances where, mother’s own milk isn’t available and therefore donor milk is the best option for these fragile premature and sick babies. Medical evidence suggests that donor milk is the second-best choice if mother’s own milk is not available as it is far superior and safer than any other formula or cow’s milk-based products which can pose significant health risks, especially for premature babies.
Below are some of the reasons to use human donor milk, (in no specific order) • Medically recommended by the consulting Neonatologist. • A baby born before 37 weeks of gestation or full term. • A baby weight which is less than 2000 grams or less at birth. • Feed intolerance or Formula milk intolerance. • A mother who is unable to produce milk of her own due to some medical reasons. • A child who has lost his/her mother while birth.

Once the milk is collected from you its transported through cold chain logistics to our processing facility.

The collected milk is stored in a deep freezer room of -20 degrees until processing. It goes through a stringent pre-pasteurization testing and then pasteurized using the specialized proprietary equipment. After pasteurization, the milk goes through another level of QA testing and then are stored in deep frozen (under -18 degrees) condition.

Now the milk is ready and to be dispatched as per the requirement to all over India.