Celebrating a Milestone: Neolacta Touches the Lives of 1 Lakh+ Babies 

Celebrating a Milestone: Neolacta Touches the Lives of 1 Lakh+ Babies 

In the heartwarming journey of parenthood, every milestone is a cause for celebration. Today, we are thrilled to share the joyous news that Neolacta has successfully touched the lives of 1 Lakh +  babies since 2017! This remarkable achievement goes beyond mere numbers; it represents a commitment to nurturing the health and well-being of newborns, especially those who need it the most. As we take a moment to reflect on this incredible journey, let’s delve into the impact Neolacta has made on the lives of families around the country.

The Genesis of Neolacta

To truly understand the significance of this milestone, it’s essential to revisit the genesis of Neolacta. Founded with a vision to provide optimal nutrition to premature and critically ill infants through improved access to human milk products, Neolacta embarked on a mission to bridge the nutritional gap and promote the well-being of the tiniest babies in our country.

From the outset, the founders of Neolacta recognized the vital role of human milk in the early stages of life, particularly for preterm infants. The company’s dedication to combining cutting-edge science & rich experience of 20+ years  laid the foundation for a revolutionary approach to infant nutrition.

Human Milk Banking Revolutionized

One of Neolacta’s pioneering contributions to the field is its innovative approach to human milk banking. Traditional human milk banks have long played a crucial role in providing donor breast milk to infants in need.  Neolacta efforts are vital in generating awareness about human milk benefits for preterm infants. The proliferation of human milk banks in India from ~15 to ~100 in last 6 years is evidence of the collective effort of all stakeholders in prioritizing the nutritional needs of preterm infants.Neolacta with it’s innovative products have helped NICUs to adhere Exclusive Human Milk Diet (EHMD) for premature infants.

The result? A product that not only replicates the nutritional composition of mother’s milk but also caters to situations where Mother’s Own Milk is unavailable or when the baby faces preterm complications such as NEC, Sepsis,  BPD etc .An Exclusive Human Milk Diet plays a crucial role in mitigating these challenges for preterm babies. The maintenance of an Exclusive Human Milk Diet involves the utilization of Donor milk and a Human Milk Derived Fortifier. This breakthrough has proven to be a game-changer in neonatal care, offering a lifeline to infants who require extra support in their early days with proven reduction in length of NICU stay upto 3 days.

Stories of Impact

Behind every number in the 100,000 milestone, there are stories of resilience, hope, and triumph. Families who, in their most vulnerable moments, found solace and support in Neolacta’s commitment to providing the best start in life. As we celebrate this achievement, we also honor the countless parents who trusted Neolacta to care for their precious ones.

A heartwarming story was on my first day of field induction where I visited a leading mother & child care center in Bangalore, when visiting the NICU had an opportunity to meet parents of a preterm baby who were waiting outside. My then colleague had helped arrange the product & baby started witnessing positive outcomes including reduction in complications. Parents had an overwhelming feeling towards the impact created by Neolacta products within a short period of time. What is the best way to start my career with this company where ability to impact people’s life if clearly felt.

One such other story is that of the Naidu family from Hyderabad. Facing the challenges of premature birth, they turned to Neolacta for help. Through the support of fortified donor milk, their baby, Megha, not only thrived but surpassed all expectations in his developmental milestones. Naidu’s story is just one among many, illustrating the impact of Neolacta’s mission to touch lives and make a difference.

Expert Insights: Lactation Consultants and Neonatologists Unite

Integral to Neolacta’s success is its collaboration with lactation consultants and neonatologists. In a series of Instagram Lives and podcasts, Neolacta brought together these experts to share insights, address common concerns, and empower parents with knowledge on infant nutrition.

Topics ranged from the basics of breastfeeding and nutritional benefits of human milk to specialized discussions on managing allergies in infants and the unique nutritional needs of preterm babies. These sessions not only educated parents but also fostered a sense of community and support—a testament to Neolacta’s holistic approach to infant care.

Social Commitment by empowering stakeholders  

At Neolacta, our commitment to social responsibility goes beyond business. Through our patient support program called ‘Amrut’, we have made our products accessible to over 500 babies across India who, due to various circumstances, cannot access/afford the essential Exclusive human milk diet they need. This initiative has played a pivotal role in saving the lives of preterm babies, offering them a fighting chance in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

In alignment with our belief that every infant deserves the best start in life, we also launched India’s first free lactation toll free consultation helpline, where parents can reach out to our trained lactation consultants for personalized breastfeeding solutions.

Our journey in social commitment is more than just a corporate initiative; it is a heartfelt mission to make a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most. As we continue to grow, so does our dedication to creating a brighter and healthier future for every baby. Neolacta’s commitment remains steadfast, striving to be a source of strength for families and a catalyst for change in the realm of infant healthcare.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Infant Nutrition

As Neolacta celebrates this significant milestone, it’s also looking ahead to the future of infant nutrition. The company continues to be at the forefront of innovation, exploring emerging trends and technologies that can further enhance the well-being of mother’s and  newborns.

Topics such as the role of technology in optimizing human milk fortification, advancements in neonatal care, and ongoing research in the field of infant nutrition are on the horizon for Neolacta. By staying ahead of the curve, the company remains dedicated to providing the best possible start in life for the next generation.


In reaching the milestone of touching the lives of 100,000 babies, Neolacta has not only made a profound impact on individual families but has also contributed to the broader conversation on infant health and nutrition. The journey has been one of collaboration, innovation, and, most importantly, compassion.

As we celebrate this achievement, let us also look forward to a future where every baby, regardless of circumstance, has the opportunity to thrive and grow with the support of an EHMD. The stories of these 100,000 lives are a testament to the power of dedication, science, and love in shaping the health and happiness of our youngest generation. Here’s to Neolacta and the countless more lives it will touch in the years to come!

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