Our Mission

To develop scientifically proven, life-saving nutritional solutions which offer an improved ‘Quality of Life’ to the most critical and fragile newborn babies.

We are a research-based company dedicated to improving access to human milk through our range of 100% human milk derived products. NeoLacta is a for-profit company which operates a pharmaceutical grade facility to process, develop and test human milk products. In our state-of-the-art facility, we use the most sophisticated and innovative processes and equipment to ensure the highest possible level of product safety and quality. NeoLacta Lifesciences has developed proprietary technology to offer nutritional solutions derived 100% from human milk that helps meet the unique requirements of premature babies. This proprietary technology for processing of human milk was developed in Australia. The promoters of NeoLacta have supplied human milk pasteurizing and protein concentration equipment to setup the first breast milk bank in Australia at the King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth, Western Australia.

We are the only company in India and Asia to have developed 100% human milk derived products which address the needs of neonatal nutrition thereby playing a critical role in ensuring “intact survival” for premature babies. Numerous clinical trials have proven the value of human milk derived products in saving lives of premature babies (defined as any baby with a Gestational age < 37 weeks), low birth weight babies (< 2500g) and provide an alternative for low / non-lactating mothers.

Whilst a new product and concept in India, there are two companies that have been promoting such neonatal nutritional products in the United States (USA) over the last 15 years.

We are an award winning company

The since divested business (operating in Australia) was the recipient of several awards during the ownership by the current promoters of Neolacta Lifesciences :

2014 – One of the Top 500 Private Companies in Australia
2011 – Exporter of the Year Governor of Victoria, Australia
2011 – Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Australia
2010 – myBusiness magazine Best medium Business
2009 – Governor of Victoria Export Award
2008 – #1 BRW Fastest Growing Company in Australia
2008 – BRW Environmental Excellence Award Australia
2006 – Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Australia