A Premature Story

A Premature Story

As told by his mother,

Neha – Bangalore.

After trying for a baby for about 6 years I finally conceived after months of doctor follow-ups. Everything was going well and was due by mid-Aug. However, the destiny had a different plan and I gave birth to my son, Araav, on June 16, 2017. He was born 30 weeks much before the due, he was so tiny and fragile just weighing 2Kgs.

Despite being born 4 weeks early, Araav was otherwise healthy but had bradycardia – Slow heart rate, He was also required to be on oxygen flow therapy due to his immature lungs. Breathing is the most basic function of life which comes normally to all babies but Araav slowly had to learn to breathe on his own. I had to stay in NICU was 2 months and visited him 6-12 hrs every day. Since it was an early birth and due to mental stress of seeing my baby in the NICU every day, I was unable to produce the milk required by him.for his feeds.

My consultant neonatologist introduced us to the concept of “Exclusive Human Milk diet” EHMD and its immense benefits, especially for premature babies. The hospital suggested that I can use a donor human milk by Neolacta. I was very happy that my son was able to have received “an exclusive human milk diet” as I was not at all convinced with cow’s milk-based formulas

and fortifier based on my research. We started off with the pasteurized donor milk and later even mixed it with MMF (Human milk derived fortifier) as per doctors’ recommendations. EHMD ensured my baby got the best possible start in life despite his complications of prematurity. Further, our hospital stay was also reduced on account of his healthy growth and better immunity.

After spending close to 40 agonizing days in the NICU months, my son finally came home healthy and naughty.

We are thankful for all those mothers to have donated their surplus milk so babies like mine can be saved.

Big thanks to Neolacta Lifesciences for providing such innovative products based on Human milk in India.

I truly believe an exclusive human milk diet helped Aarav grow healthy and strong and this early start will have a positive impact on his healthy future.

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