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About Neolacta

100% human milk-derived products from NeoLacta.

NeoLacta Lifesciences develops 100% human milk-derived products using proprietary technologies intended for babies who do not have access to their mother’s milk. We are the only ISO 22000:2018 and GMP-certified human
milk facility in India dedicated to supporting optimal nutrition for premature and at-risk sick babies.

Our product portfolio also includes segment-first products such as lyophilised human milk and human milk-derived fortifiers which are designed to meet specific nutritional challenges faced by premature babies in their early life.
These clinically evidenced products are used across many of the best mother & child care hospitals and are available across all major towns and cities pan-INDIA. Having access to these products assists healthcare professionals in optimizing the right nutritional choices for babies in the NICU.

Consult our panel of Lactation experts to help you in your breastfeeding journey.
100% human milk-based products for your little one. Get in touch with us.

Unlock the power of human milk

Standardised & Pasteurised human milk

Lyophilised Human Milk

Human milk-derived fortifiers

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Your donation can provide life-saving nourishment for countless babies in need of human milk

Scientific evidence

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